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Dr. Coxon Update

We just heard from the neurosurgeon with the results from the post-op MRI. The great news is that it looks like the motor cortex is unaffected. That means she should eventually have full use of her arm and hand again. Currently her hand is very stiff having involuntary spasms. She will begin occupational therapy immediately after she's discharged.

We do not have the full pathology for the tumor yet. At this time they believe it's a low grade glioma, a fairly common brain cancer. Whatever the recommended treatment will be, it will likely begin after she's had the baby (due at the beginning of October).

Overall her strength is returning quickly and all the hospital staff is impressed with how quickly she's healing. It's likely she going to be discharged later today. She is feeling good, happy to have her bandages off, and looking forward to removing her IVs.

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