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Dr. Coxon-Floyd 3 Month Post-Op Update

Hello family, friends, patients, donors and all of my other supporters. It has been 3 months since I had a craniotomy to remove the large tumor from the frontal lobe of my brain. I have been unable to work for roughly 4 months. The donations we have received have helped so much with everyday expenses, bills and covering costs of being out of business for four months. We are so very grateful for the funds you have provided us, that allow me to rest and heal as I go through my pregnancy and recover from major surgery. Without my supporters, the burdens would be much much greater on us as we were a two income household before I got sick and then went down to a no income household for a time, while my husband took time off work to take care of me and our baby. 

I am not back to work yet, because as many of you are aware, I make my living as a chiropractor and use my hands in very specific ways to take care of my clients. I am able-bodied enough to do reception work at the office, but I am still unable to write or type with my dominant hand. I don't qualify for disability because I am able-bodied and my short term disability insurance won't cover me either because they only cover injuries sustained by an accidental cause, not a health-related cause. All the more reason that I am so grateful for the help my family has received and continues to receive. In addition to still needing healing time for my hand, I am still struggling to maintain an energy level that allows me to do everyday tasks. I am much more capable than I was during my last update, but I'm still not where I or my doctors want me to be. Therapy for my hand is extended until at least September and I require anywhere from 12-15 hours of sleep per day to function. I am taking care of my baby part time and have entered my third trimester of pregnancy, which definitely makes me tired as well.

Even though I am tired often and wanting to get back to work and also drive again, I have a lot to be thankful for. My family has continued to help me through my struggles. In my 33 years of life, this has by far, been the most challenging period I have ever endured. My husband and I are still newly married and it has been hard on our relationship as well. We are getting through it and what keeps us going is the love we have for our family, our baby girl, our unborn baby who has been blessed to us, and the many people who continue to uplift us and offer support in so many ways. We thank you all.

In conclusion, at my three month post-surgical mark, I am healing well, however not as fast as I was hoping. I remind myself that it takes some people years to recover from brain injuries and trauma, so in comparison, I'm recovering quite quickly. But if you've ever been off work for this long, you can understand that four months feels like an eternity at times. Life has truly tested me, and it's been no picnic, but I am learning how to be a better and stronger person and to focus on what really matters in life. Thank you everyone.

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