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Dr. Coxon-Floyd Health Update

Tuesday Afternoon at the Detroit Zoo

On March 12, I had a seizure which brought me to the ER at Beaumont Hospital in Royal Oak. The scan of my brain showed a large mass on the left frontal lobe of my brain. To complicate matters, I am also in the first trimester of pregnancy. Being pregnant has limited the detail that the doctors are able to see on my MRI, but most of my doctors feel that the tumor on my brain is slow growing and less aggressive. My family and I have decided that surgery is the best option for me and I have chosen to have the operation to remove the tumor during the second trimester of my pregnancy. This is the safest time to do surgery while pregnant, and although risks are present, we feel it is most important for me to have the mass removed and focus on healing and recovery for the remainder of pregnancy. My business partner, Dr. Lockwood will be taking my place until I am able to return to work. I hope to see all my patients at some point to touch base with you, but if we miss each other, please keep me in your thoughts and prayers during this challenging period of my life. I am blessed to be surrounded by loving family and friends at this time and am praying for the best outcomes. I will do my best to keep our family of patients updated and I look forward to seeing you again in the office, when I am healthy.

Much love, Dr. Christina Coxon-Floyd

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